Below is a list of the Tunge Group’s favorite Chemistry links


Prof. Hans Reich’s Bounty of Chemical Information (pKa tables and much more)

Prof. Tom Lectka’s Table’s of Bond Strengths

Prof. Dr. Herbert Mayr’s Reactivity Database (electrophilicities and nucleophilicities)

Prof. Douglass Taber’s is full of useful info and applets

Prof. Alison Frontier’s Not Voodoo site has tons of practical tips for synthetic chemists

Prof. Jon Njardarson’s Chemistry by Design is a great way to analyze and study natural product synthesis

Oleksandr Zhurakovkyi’s invaluable Reference Resolver - just copy and paste references from papers and Voila

Spectral Database for Organic Compounds

NIST Chemistry Webbook

Cambridge University’s Eyring applet (determine effects of temperature on reaction rate)

Cambridge University’s Vapor pressure applet and Rotovap simulator are useful for distillations and solvent removal.

List of Chemistry Journal Abbreviations

The UCLA Chemistry Haiku Project reminds us how hopeless we are

Totally Synthetic is always an interesting read

Matt McIntosh’s Organiclinks (listings of Organic chemists in the US)

UIUC Chemical Genealogy page